Have you reached a turning point or crossroads in your life?

Are you needing to make an important decision that will impact your future?

Perhaps a new course of education and training, or a sense that you should change your work in the hope that you find something more satisfying instead?

It has been said that the greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose.  I believe I can help you discover and fulfil your purpose.

A good place to start is to discover how you’ve been made and what your natural abilities are.  There is no other objective assessment tool available that will help you discover your natural talents and abilities than The Highlands Ability Battery.

From there, having discovered what you do best, you can then continue your journey of self-discovery by creating a Personal Vision for life and – for what you may spend 90,000 hours of your life doing – your career!  Instead of this being a drag, imagine your work having a sense of joy and purpose.

By making a relatively small investment now you will receive insights and an understanding about yourself that will last a lifetime, and help you make informed decisions for a successful and fulfilling life.

“In a very real way, Stuart’s coaching has provided the elusive ‘missing link’ I felt for years between blending my strengths and passions with my field of work.”
– G.W., Sports Leadership Trainer

About Me


I have a passion to see people empowered in their lives, discover how they are ‘hard-wired’ and what they do best (their best contribution).

The Highlands Whole Person Model and Ability Battery are integral parts of my coaching. Depending on the specific needs of my clients, I also utilise other personal development tools and for those who want to involve spirituality in their coaching process, a unique adaptation of the S.H.A.P.E. model, based on my book, Empowered!


I began coaching in 2008 and have helped people from around the world, including from Asia, North America, and in the UK. With my extensive experience living cross-culturally, I bring a breadth of understanding and insight to my clients.

In addition to personal life coaching, I am able to provide consultancy on transition, cross-cultural adjustment, re-entry/culture shock, working with multi-cultural teams, and how to minimise the challenges of living cross-culturally, either as an individual or as a family.

Education and Certifications

  • DMin in Cross-cultural & Kingdom Mission from Phoenix University of Theology, USA.
  • BSc (Hons) in Business Studies from Bradford University Management Centre, UK.
  • Cross-cultural Studies, University of the Nations.
  • Mandarin Chinese, Yunnan University, China.
  • Professional Certificate in Business Administration, University of Central England.
  • Highlands Company Certified Consultant (The Highlands Ability Battery & Personal Vision Coaching Program).
  • Graduate from Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program, Creative Results Management.
  • CernySmith Asssessments Coach Certification (cross-cultural adjustment).


“These coaching sessions have energised and focused me in what I am called to do.”    – J.C., overseas cross-cultural worker


Navigating Life’s Turning Points & Transitions

Everyone of us has to navigate life’s Turning Points, usually every 7-10 years. Many people ignore and endure without making any changes. Others change anything and everything, but simply changing the externals of our lives rarely brings us closer to our true selves. Turning Points can be a time for careful introspection using a structured …

Learning the Key Thing You Were Never Taught at School

Isn’t it interesting that aside from learning many different things at school, we’re never taught about who we really are. So when we come to deciding a course of further education, we’re stumbling in the dark, often just going with one of the subjects that we at least enjoyed studying. Pot Luck Degree Course It’s …


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