Learning the Key Thing You Were Never Taught at School

Isn’t it interesting that aside from learning many different things at school, we’re never taught about who we really are.

So when we come to deciding a course of further education, we’re stumbling in the dark, often just going with one of the subjects that we at least enjoyed studying.

Pot Luck Degree Course
It’s hardly surprising that many students end up changing their degree course while at university, or later pursuing a career that has no bearing on the subject they just graduated in!

Mundane Career
Maybe, the initial career path isn’t so bad after all, only to discover later on, often in mid-life, that it no longer provides any satisfaction other than a pay cheque that covers the outgoings for another month.

Whatever stage of life you are at:

  • trying to decide on a university course,
  • feeling uncertain as to the career path you’re currently pursuing,
  • in a good job but not getting any sense of purpose or fulfilment,
  • having to start over due to redundancy

…why not pause and consider some coaching sessions that can really help you truly understand who you are.

Equipped to Make Informed Choices
Then , equipped with the knowledge of vital factors such as your innate abilities, learned skills, values, and personal style, you will be able to make informed choices, with information that will last a lifetime.

You will be empowered for lasting success and satisfaction in the educational and career choices that you make.