About Me


I have a passion to see people empowered in their lives, discover how they are ‘hard-wired’ and what they do best (their best contribution).

The Highlands Whole Person Model and Ability Battery are integral parts of my coaching. Depending on the specific needs of my clients, I also utilise other personal development tools and for those who want to involve spirituality in their coaching process, a unique adaptation of the S.H.A.P.E. model, based on my book, Empowered!


I began coaching in 2008 and have helped people from around the world, including from Asia, North America, and in the UK. With my extensive experience living cross-culturally, I bring a breadth of understanding and insight to my clients.

In addition to personal life coaching, I am able to provide consultancy on transition, cross-cultural adjustment, re-entry/culture shock, working with multi-cultural teams, and how to minimise the challenges of living cross-culturally, either as an individual or as a family.

Education and Certifications

  • DMin in Cross-cultural & Kingdom Mission from Phoenix University of Theology, USA.
  • BSc (Hons) in Business Studies from Bradford University Management Centre, UK.
  • Cross-cultural Studies, University of the Nations.
  • Mandarin Chinese, Yunnan University, China.
  • Professional Certificate in Business Administration, University of Central England.
  • Highlands Company Certified Consultant (The Highlands Ability Battery & Personal Vision Coaching Program).
  • Graduate from Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program, Creative Results Management.
  • CernySmith Asssessments Coach Certification (cross-cultural adjustment).


“These coaching sessions have energised and focused me in what I am called to do.”    – J.C., overseas cross-cultural worker