“In tough global times, only those organisations with fully developed global mindsets, and individuals with fully functioning intercultural competencies will survive.”
(Dean Foster)

  • Moving overseas?
  • Business expanding abroad?
  • Living overseas but struggling? 
  • Having trouble dealing with people from another culture?
  • Planning to return ‘home’? 

With the onset of  globalisation the world seems to be a much smaller place.  More and more people are spending  time abroad, not just for holidays but to work and to do business, or to experience a different kind of life.  These changes necessitate new skills and ways of adaptation and understanding.

The future belongs to those who can function globally and understand how to communicate in diverse cultures and settings.  Encountering people with very different values and customs can so easily unintentionally create offense.  However, this can be minimised and avoided when we acquire some cross-cultural skills which enables us to understand and build bridges between cultures.

Whether you are about to move overseas, are living overseas, or are soon to return to your passport country, there are many issues and challenges to take into account and to prepare for.  The benefits of a rich and multicultural experience are many, but the challenges that go along with it are many and must be handled with care.

Consulting Services:

  • Debriefing interviews – individuals, couples, families, cross-cultural kids (or TCKs)
  • Coaching cross-cultural workers
  • Transition and cross-cultural adjustment
  • Re-entry/Culture Shock
  • Challenges of living cross-culturally/avoiding ‘burn-out’
  • Working with multi-cultural teams
  • Country specialisms: China, Thailand, UK