Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is an ongoing intentional conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out their potential.

A decision to have a Life Coach is a decision to move your life forward towards becoming the person you want to be.

You recognise that inviting someone – a life coach – into the process will accelerate your learning and personal development, and cause you to reach those places you wouldn’t reach by yourself.

  • Personalised learning
  • Focus on you and your agenda
  • Do-able action steps
  • Immediate results

It’s tough to develop without help.  With coaching you get to see your blind spots in a safe environment.

Who Benefits from Life Coaching?

Anyone can benefit from life coaching at any time in their life.  You may especially benefit from life coaching when…

  • You’ve long held a cherished dream, and you’re beginning to wonder if you’ll ever realise it
  • You’d like balance in your life
  • You’re in transition
  • You want to realise your full potential
  • You feel like you’re merely existing, and you want to live
  • Life is good, and some areas such as work, relationships, health, or personal growth could be even better
  • You simply want more

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

Coaching works because it brings out the best in you.  Studies show coaching produces 300% better results than training alone.  A coach will support you in learning and creating your own best answers and in the actions that will reshape your life.  You will…

  • Gain focus
  • Move from vision to action
  • Achieve goals faster
  • Make better decisions
  • Broaden your perspective for innovative solutions
  • Create momentum and realise the benefits that come from synergy
  • Learn new skills to launch you forward

Which Parts of My Life does Coaching Cover?

Life coaching can address your whole life, depending on what the client wants (it might be health, work, money, a relationship, personal growth, physical environment, friends and family, fun and recreation, or something else).

I like to use the Highlands Whole Person Model in my coaching which identifies eight career decision factors that interact and should be considered when making major changes in your life and career.   This tool can then be used to create a Personal Vision, or a mission statement that represents who you are and your ultimate goals.

Taking a whole person approach provides insights into why and how the decisions you make differ from those of others.  It can be used to make decisions at any turning point throughout your life.

What’s the Difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

When one person empowers another, it can be done one of two ways.  You either share some of your power with someone else, or you draw out some of another person’s own power that is on the inside of them.  The focus of coaching is on the latter, helping to draw out of a person the insights, discoveries, solutions, and potential, that is already there, but yet untapped.

Mentoring is imparting to you what I have inside of me;
coaching is drawing out of you what you have inside of you.


What should I Expect if I Work with You as My Coach?

Working with a coach usually generates accelerated personal growth.  Most clients use a coach to accomplish several specific goals.  I’m here to help you learn, grow, and succeed.  As we talk you will find yourself significantly benefiting in your thinking, actions, and learning.  Part of working with me as your coach is that I will ask a lot of you, and probably more than you would ask of yourself.  I need you to be willing to experiment with fresh approaches and be open to redesigning some parts of your life.  This may be necessary to help you reach your goals and live an integrated and fulfilled personal and professional life.  Having said that, every choice and action step will be up to you; after all, it’s your life.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the credentialing and standard-setting organisation for coaching.  I have graduated from 60 hours of coach-specific training around all eleven ICF competencies.  As a coach I adhere to the ICF standards of ethical conduct.

How does Coaching Work?

Each session you will call me by phone or via Skype.  Face-to-face coaching is possible for those living within travelling distance, but ‘phone coaching allows coaching to take place wherever you are in the world, is flexible in terms of time (taking into account different time zones!), and avoids any travel costs.  Together we will set the agenda for the session based on what you want to learn.  I will listen, ask questions, encourage, challenge, expand, and support you.  You will leave each session with homework – several action points for you to do before our next session.  This is not homework like in school but tasks, actions, results or changes that you are telling yourself and your coach (me) that you will do your best to complete before our next session.

How Do I Know if Coaching will Work for Me?

Coaching works best when there is a significant gap between what you have and what you want.  You need to be willing to change and to experiment with new ways of doing things.  Is there a gap and are you willing to experiment?

The best way to really understand life coaching is by experiencing it.  Why not contact me for a free 30 minute session to help you decide if you would like me to coach you?  You may also try the pre-coaching self-assessment that might help you determine if you are ready for coaching.

What Others are Saying

“Ever since I started taking coaching sessions with Stuart I have seen a lot of unclear ideas in my head come into focus. Being able to ‘talk’ and express my ideas and feelings for these things with somebody who doesn’t give direct advice but instead ‘asks’ the right questions to stimulate my thinking even more, has just been wonderful to me. These coaching sessions have energized and focused me in what I am called to do.” – J.C., overseas cross-cultural worker

“Thank you for the life coaching you have been giving me.  I have found it really helpful having someone to bounce ideas off and verbally process some plans and goals. In the questions you have been asking me I have been able to think about choices I am making in a new and fresh way, especially by putting action points to suggestions. You have enabled me to start making concrete plans to fit these ideas and goals.  It has also been helpful in the fact that I can no longer procrastinate when I have a suggestion, as you have helped me take the first steps to seeing action happen.  I have found your advice helpful both in my work life as well as my personal life.” – S.T., artist

“My time with Stuart has been very worthwhile and effective.  He was able to guide me in discovering my strengths and helped me apply the insights to my current career goals and objectives.  In a very real way, Stuart’s coaching has provided the elusive ‘missing link’ I felt for years between blending my strengths and passions with my field of work.” – G.W., Sports Leadership Trainer