The Gift of Self-Discovery

Most career experts see their role in terms of gathering information about their clients and then telling them what to do. The problem with this approach is that the ideal job for any one individual should be so unique to that person that no one else is really able to define it.

Everyone should discover his or her ideal fit by a process of self-exploration. In other words, direction should come from the inside of a person, not from the tests or insights of some expert.

Having established that the answer for our life’s work and purpose is inside ourselves, we all need help in order to discover it! The Highlands Whole Person Model is a systematic framework which does exactly that.   It will help you identify, describe, and put into action what is on the inside of you!

One output is a meaningful and unique Personal and Career Vision. A Personal Vision Statement is the single greatest predictor of success and satisfaction, articulating who you are and what you want.

This Christmas, why not invest in yourself or bless a loved one, with something that will not break, get discarded, or grow out-of-date? Check out Empower Coaching and give them the chance to learn, grow and develop through taking the Highlands Ability Battery, or Personal Vision Coaching program! Message me for further details.